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We are a tech venture builder. We team up with entrepreneurs and companies to build and launch new AI digital ventures.


are a community of founders and funders

FOOLFARM is an AI Start-up Studios platform founded in MILAN by a collective of entrepreneurial people who help each other build new venture.

We are a new type of vertical Business Incubator that creates new ventures in a factory-like manner with the focus on efficiency and scale by using standardized processes and resource sharing designed to implement business ideas in the form of spin-offs or subsidiaries: a company builder with the task of initiating, establishing, and funding start-ups as well as following up on their first steps of progress.

FoolFarm as a Startup Studio should not be confused with Accelerators or Incubators in the traditional or operational sense of venture capital firms. Accelerators look for external applicants.

Studios generate their own ideas and build startups around them








Do you have an business idea? 

We help entrepreneurs ship digital products, from concept to final product. We also invest through a co-building formula, named BeFool. We help define and design your business idea.

We'll work together with your team on product specs and then assemble an efficient team to tackle on the challenge.

We know what building is about and have the experience of building startups on rapid changing environments.

We work on entrepreneurs' best interests and we guide through the execution in order to ship a product resourcefully in the shortest time.

That's the Fool way.


Are you going to start your startup?

Let's be your co-founder. We invest up to 70% of total technology development cost for building your first prototype or product.

Our investment goes in exchange of equity shares, and we like to join early stage ventures.

Entering our stable means growing with greater security and having greater certainty of reaching the Big event!

We provide all services as well as capital to our startups in a shared way helping them to grow in a new and safer way.

Interested in building with us?
Explain your idea and we’ll do magic.



A laboratory continuously experimenting and shipping internet products.  Makers. Builders. Creators, working together, and having fun.


We're fully committed to finding new ideas and opportunities that together with a great product, technology and team can disrupt potential markets.

It all starts with a deep market analysis where we aim to identify potential ideas and opportunities for growing markets. It can be new ideas, proven businesses within other markets or optimizations for current broken business models.

Our potential ideas are defined and exposed to more analysis and critical thinking processes in order to come up with a shortlist, that will then be tested and validated with our world-class advisors.

Once our mind is clear and we know the strategies for product development, technology, and go-to-market, we move on to create the prototype.

Then we do a BeFool MVP process to test the market fit and only the ones that get validated will move on to the next stage:.


We've got a culture of makers, and our formula is about mixing it with our passion for entrepreneurship.

Life at Fool Labs is pretty much like having permanent hackathons, fun coding sessions, even at night from time to time where we team up to explore on ideas and build prototypes.

Fool invests resources in these products and pushes them forward in order to get metrics and understand insights from the market.

Products with traction will require yet more resources, that’s when we get a series of investments in order to keep building the team and business and make the product an independent business/spin-off.




We partner with large corporations to de-risk the process of creating new future-proof business models that have the potential to contribute significantly to group profits within 3-5 years.

We address the needs of corporations with the tempo, technologies & talents of the startup ecosystem.

Co-create the next generation of suppliers. We work with leading corporations to build new startups that solve industry challenges.

Build marketplaces and distribution platforms. Leverage FoolFarm’s network to bring a critical mass of ecosystem players together in a joint-venture.

Invest in value added service providers.  Build new agile companies that offer complimentary value to your customers.

Experiment and validate new business models. Outsource the risk in testing radical new business concepts.



Ventire building de-risk the process of creating new non-core business. We support businesses and corporations through our venture builder as a service.  We help launch new ventures and scale collaboration.

Venture builders are companies dedicated to launching products and new ventures. These are multidisciplinary teams who can analyze and tackle different opportunities in order to propose tests and prototyping strategies in order to test traction and then evolve products from there.

Venture builders create start-ups from the ground up. These are neither incubators nor accelerators, but rather a special figure that looks after the new company as they reach towards an important milestone, and then, making sure that the company gets the right team to continue scaling their business.

Fool assemble ad-hoc teams to work with your company in order to pursue the creation of new products or digital businesses. From research to ideation, to product definition, prototypes and construction.

This formula helps you set up operations first and then get help and advice during the team-building process and business execution.


We understand the challenges of building digital products. Luckily we've been through this process multiple times. We believe in collaboration and on the power of global talent contributing to projects from any remote location.

We push for rapidly bringing ideas to life.


Do you want to work with us? Do you have any idea? We are looking for talents to join our team.
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